Crate Hire - DJ Hanley Removals and Storage


At DJ Hanley’s, we supply businesses with heavy-duty, plastic office moving crates. These crates are ideal for relocating and internal moving within your company, big or small. In fact, this service can be very useful for any business wanting to move documents, stationery, etc. Best of all, we also can drop the crates at your location and pick them up when you are finished with them. As well as that, the crates are stackable which allows for easier transportation. Because moving an office or commercial premises can be a lengthy process, there is no time limit on how long you have the crates for.

For instance, the many benefits of using Crate Hire for your office move are:

-Reduce stress and let us take care of everything for you

-Keep your costs down with our flexible rates

-External and Internal Office move easier with crates

-Can nest or stack for a smooth removal


To view our crate hire service in action, click here.

Crates are charged at €1.00 per week, subject to 23% VAT.

To enquire about our crate hire service click here.

Crate Size:
Length 66cm / 25 inches
Width 42cm / 16 inches
Dept 35cm / 14 innches